My name is Arash Ganjimanesh, and I was born in October 1987 and I have a bachelor's degree in music from Shiraz Azad University. Sometime after graduating in 2012, I became interested in pottery and for a while, I studied pottery at Mr. Keyvan Fehri's personal workshop, a great artist and friend, famous for his ceramic pomegranates and birds. Mr. Fehri’s kindness led me to quickly learn most of the techniques I needed to make an Udu drum. Then I started making prototypes in his workshop, and these samples were tuned with the guidance of my two great musicians friends Mesbah Ghamsari and Ali Gerami. I chose the name "Doyek" for my instruments, which is a name derived from the Iranian “Edvari” (circular) music modes. After that, I started trial and error in my workshop and studio, and I was able to present my instruments to the music market in 2014 with my own new designs and colorways for the Udu drum. I have always welcomed constructive criticisms, opinions, and suggestions of masters and musicians, and in this regard, I met Mr. Pejman Hadadi, a well-known and capable percussionist, and his support for Doyek Udus gave my instruments real credibility and introduced them to the International music community and the world of percussions. I have made lots of efforts to improve the shape and sound of the Udu, and I have used the guidance of Homayoon Nasiri as well as Mr. Hadadi. I am currently producing 6 different Udu drums with different sounds, and besides them, I am also making ceramic darbukas, tunable skin udu and Jahleh, a traditional southern Iranian Udu drum.

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